Friday, May 10, 2013

Basic Spearfishing Tips for Starters (Part 2)

We’ve covered three basic spearfishing tips on Part 1, so we’ll take you deeper with Part 2, delving into essentials of low volume mask and speargun usage along with other relevant tips.

Properly Using a Speargun

There are different techniques and strategies when using a speargun - be sure to take them into heart and practice diligently to protect yourself and make the activity more enjoyable. Always use your speargun only underwater and remember to estimate the distance of the shot and your target. This will lessen the probability of accidents caused by a spear gun.

Be always aware of the recoil of the gun to ensure that you will not get a broken nose or teeth. Don’t take it for granted as a lot of accidents like this have already happened. Remember, a spear gun is a weapon and you should treat it as such all the time.

Provide the right maintenance for your speargun so that it will serve you better. You should dry it after every use, polish it and store in the right location to avoid moisture from building up. Read the manual carefully after you purchase one so that you will be aware of its specifications and maintenance requirements.

On Low Volume Mask

Although most spear fishers consider this an accessory but a low volume mask should be in your essentials list as it will enable you to better navigate underwater by free diving. When you pick up the right type of mask, then your body will have lesser stress and you can stay under water longer.

In addition, sites differ from each other so they provide different spear fishing experiences. Even if you are already used to this water sport, each site has different challenges so be on the look-out for these such as whether a site is near a bay or reef. Plus, get as much information as you can from a particular diving site especially the depth to ensure your safety.

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