Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essential Equipment for Spear Fishing

Just as with all other sports, spear fishing requires investment in the right equipment. If you want to take spearing seriously, then you’re certainly going to need a few basic gears. Whether you’re willing to shell out less or more will be on you. Here are a few of the most essential gears for spear fishing.

  • Snorkel

Snorkels will let you breathe underwater. Because of this, it is recommended that you get the simplest model you can. Consider getting valveless models. See to it that you will be comfortable with the mouthpiece and that you will be getting one that can be easily removed. Snorkels are vital gear pieces so be careful in your selection.

  • Diving mask

Try on several masks and find one you feel most comfortable in. masks will allow divers or spearers to see, not let them be seen. These should come lightweight. It would also be better to choose one that comes in black or gray color.

  • Fins

Fins are what power swimmers through the waters. Some fins come with longer blades that add power to kicks. There are also the open back fins that require reef boots. These do not generate too much power though so users will have to kick harder for a faster swim.

  • Wetsuit

Wetsuits are what will protect you from the water environment and from sunlight as well. Make sure that you choose one that will fit snugly. However, make sure that you are still free or loose enough to make rigorous movements.

  • Speargun

Spearguns can be in 2 models. Pneumatic or rubber powered. Targeting bigger fishes will require the use of bigger guns. Targeting smaller reef fishes, however, will do fine with smaller guns.

  • Dive Knife

Dive knives will be used in killing the speared fishes.

  • Gloves

Gloves can be made out of different materials. Cotton gloves help grip slippery fishes. Gloves made out of neoprene wetsuit material are much more durable but they are much more expensive. 

Base your choices on your preference. As you gain experience, you’ll eventually see which gears work better for you. Tailor your spearfishing rigs to your taste as well.

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