Saturday, July 20, 2013

Scuba Diving Destinations: The Southeast Asian Invasion

The southeastern part of Asia is comprised of a massive land area, from China to the Philippines. Being mostly tropical, it boasts numerous beach holiday destinations, each one offering something unique and awe-inspiring.

But one common thing that you can find in most of the countries in this part of the planet is the fact that they offer one-of-a-kind diving experience that will surely leave coming back for more. Here, you will find some of the world's most diverse marine environments.

Scuba diving can be fun.

To give you a good start on your South-East Asian scuba diving trip, here are some of the best destinations that you should visit in South East Asia:

Borneo - its offshore islands are known for their legendary beauty; one of the most popular is Pulau Sipadan, which is a small ocean island that rises more than 600 metres from the seabed. It has awesome drop-offs and walls, making Sipadan one of the most sought-after dive sites in the world.

Indonesia - if you'll be travelling to this part of the planet, be sure to check out Bali for its wonderful reefs, Komodo for its advanced dive area, and Lembeh Straits if you want to go muck diving.

Philippines - one of the must-go-to places is the Sulu Sea, which is home to the world famous Tubbataha Reefs, where you can see sharks, tuna, manta rays and jacks, to name a few. Another popular dive site is Cebu, which offers a plethora of macro subjects and walls that seem to drop down to eternity. You'll also find here numerous whale sharks that will let you go swimming with them.

Scuba diving can be scary too.
Before you head to any of these diving destinations though, be sure to check the travel requirements, weather conditions and the like. Most of all, don't forget to acquire all the necessary scuba diving gear.

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