Thursday, July 11, 2013

Top 3 Scuba Diving Destinations in the Caribbean

Sure, there are a plethora of options when it comes to diving in the Caribbean. But which ones should you experience first? Natural coral reefs, underwater caves, lava flows, sunken ships and so many others, it is but just natural to feel a bit daunted of the choices. With its many islands, and a lot still uninhabited, you are sure in for a treat when you decide to head out there for a diving adventure. Here are some Caribbean sites that would definitely seal the deal of you having the most memorable dive in the islands.

Grand Cayman
MSNBC ranks Grand Cayman at the number one spot while PADI considers it at number three in their respective list of the world's best scuba diving sites. Divers of all skill levels can take their pick with Stingray City as the most excellent choice for beginners and the Cayman Turtle Farm nearby. For pro divers, they can  explore underwater caves at the Trinity Caves, with a visibility of over 100 feet. With it comes amazing sights such as the black coral and giant sea sponges.


The number two placer in most diving spot rankings is the Bonaire, located in Dutch Caribbean. All of the diving sites there are easily accessible from the beach. It is 85 miles from Aruba and 50 miles north of Venezuela and boasts of white, sandy beaches and exciting underwater life. What's more, the temperature there is always mild for most of the year as it is located near the equator. If you prefer to experience a dive with maximum comfort, then Bonaire is the place to go.

The most celebrated diving spot in most rankings worldwide is Cozumel Island, which is part of Mexican Caribbean. Being Mexico's largest island, there's high underwater visibility along with a wide range of wonderful sea life. It has a current that is enjoyed by many drift diving with an average temperature of 70-85 degrees during the high season of December to March.


What are you waiting for? Pack your scuba diving gear now and proceed to any of these top 3 scuba diving destinations!

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